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A Perl script that gets a random item from the Warehouse 23 basement. The only function it really has over the actual Warehouse 23 basment website is that it chooses from a random level. Download

My first game! Very low quality, see readme.txt for more details about what the game is about. Download

Ninja Info Cards v2
This program is better than the original in pretty much every way. It can now encode files of arbitrary length (and width), and the encryption method is now much more secure. The only downside is that the program can no longer test the key before it begins decoding (this is for security purposes more than anything), but this is not a huge deal as the program just outputs gibberish if the wrong key is entered. And now with a commandline interface! Download

Takes a text string and outputs a brainfuck program (yes, it's a programming language) that outputs that same string. Bug-tested, mother approved. But don't expect weekly updates. Download

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