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Human Growth Hormone Therapy for Women

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Common complaints among women once they have reached the age of forty usually have to do with weight gain. “I can’t seem to lose this weight!” or “Every year, I gain a pound!” are very common sentiments. Sound familiar? Human growth hormone therapy for women speeds up the body’s metabolism, allowing for the ability to efficiently regulate fat and energy reserves. Abdominal fat, associated with the risk of heart attack, is reduced. As the metabolism increases, the fat stores in other areas of the body are depleted. In women, the most notable area of weight loss has been in the belly, waist, butt and thighs. Say goodbye to the “pear shape” that is the bane of many women! Studies have shown that HGH therapy for women aids in weight loss (notably in the midsection area), an increase in lean muscle mass and bone density, and can even help lower cholesterol levels without any change in diet and exercise. Of course, in a common chain reaction, feeling better encourages taking care of one’s self better. An increase of activity normally follows an increase of energy. HGH therapy not only gives an increase of energy, but allows the body to sustain it. Workout harder and longer, feel the burn and not the pain afterwards. Find out what it means when the endorphins kick in! Those lovely endorphins, endorsed by so many twenty-somethings who smile during exercise, act as natural pain-killers and enhance the feeling of well-being and joy. Consistent positive feeling begets consistent positive behavior and action. Reclaim the energy of ten to twenty years ago and remember once again that each day is a gift, a new promise of life!

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Posted on: December 28th 2018 at 05:02am
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